Doom Eternal: You can now download the official wallpapers

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Sometimes we forget that Doom is a saga that was born on PC. Something understandable, on the other hand, considering that the franchise has gone through virtually all systems, apart from having been reproduced even on devices such as a McDonald's cash register. In any case, Bethesda wants to give a gift to all Doom lovers with a PC (or smartphone). Nothing more and nothing less than official art of Eternal Doom in the form of wallpapers.

And the truth is that apart from spectacular, they are completely free. In fact, to download them you only have to access a web page that Bethesda has enabled for it (you have the link in the source, at the end of the news). And you can download the six wallpapers opting for different resolutions in each image.

In total, six pieces of game art that demonstrate that Bethesda is taking this release very seriously. Title that was recently delayed, but which will come with a lot of incentives. For example, a remaster of Doom 64 for free if we reserve Doom Eternal. Below you can see the original Bethesda Spain tweet.

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In any case, it is an initiative more related to the Slayers Club. An initiative that was created with the intention of celebrating the one named "Year of DOOM". That is, a way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the saga. In the Slayers Club it is possible to find everything from fan illustrations (some are truly spectacular), to community events.

Source: Doom / Twitter

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