Doom Eternal will be twice as big as the 2016 reboot

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That the sequels take advantage of the maximum of "more and better" is not uncommon. However, being twice as big as your predecessor is one thing, and being twice as big as the original game in virtually every facet is another. And, according to Id Software, Eternal Doom The second option will be used. And it will represent it on screen with more enemies, weapons, larger maps and a long etcetera.

The case is that, according to the director of Doom Eternal, Marty Stratton, the differences will be multiple. This is what he said in statements for VGC: "We talked about a game that is twice as big as DOOM of 2016." It is the most epic thing and the best game we have ever created in the studio. Our levels are bigger than ever, we have twice as many demons on the screen, and from the very beginning, you will experience a lot of things that are completely new. ".

Anyway, the most interesting of all Stratton has commented, is how these new elements will be applied while we play. And his comparison with the novels explains it more than well: "I refer to this as a kind of game version of a novel that hooks you and in which you are looking forward to moving on because you want to see what is new page after page. In fact, even in the last boss fight, you are going to see things you didn't have until that moment. ".

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Finally, and taking into account the history of Id Software, which has always been closely linked to technical advances, it does not surprise us at all that Stratton has also spoken about what awaits us at the graphic level. Basically, with a title that will fully squeeze the hardware of the current generation.

This is what he said about it: "In addition, it is built on the best technology we have ever created. We are at the end of a hardware cycle in which development teams already understand how hardware works and can make the most of it. And we have increased fidelity and the quality of the graphics, the polygon count … They are aspects that work as a whole and take the title to a new level, and we talk about a video game that still runs on all consoles where DOOM of 2016 worked. I can't tell you enough about how good it looks on PS4 and Xbox One. If you play on consoles, we talk about a really special game that will surprise you. ".

Source: VGC

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