DOOM Eternal, what happened to the Nintendo Switch version?

Six months have passed since the release of the editions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia, yet there is still no trace of DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch. Should you worry? No, according to what Marty Stratton said.

During a recent speech at PAX Online x EGX Digital, the executive producer stated that the works are continuing, and that at the exit there shouldn’t be much left. “I would like to give you more details about it. I read all the comments, when DOOM Eternal is involved there is always one message in five that reads: ‘Yeah, but when are you going to tell us something about the Switch version?’. people are anxious “. He then continued: “We are trying to make the best version possible, so we are cooperating with Panic Button. They are all working from home, and it took longer to get to the present point. It is very close, and we are trying not to compromise as there is a very high demand. We will talk about it again in the not too distant future. Is near, but I can’t say how exactly. “

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While not clearly stating it, the manufacturer has hinted that the smart working regime, made necessary due to the Coronavirus pandemic, could have caused slowdowns in development. Anyhow, it seems that the wait is finally about to end. We take this opportunity to remind you that on October 20 DOOM Eternal will expand with The Ancient Gods Part One, the first additional content intended to be published in a stand-alone format.


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