DOOM Eternal: to Hell and back with the images and the background of ID Software

Given the news of the arrival of DOOM Eternal for free on Xbox Game Pass, the authors of ID Software dive back into the splatter horror dimension of their shooter to tell the creation process and the ideas on which they based their work in the realization of the scenarios of the blockbuster by Bethesda.

To be Cicero on this journey into the nightmare atmospheres of DOOM Eternal are the same designers and digital artists inside ID Software who have created these settings. Among them, we find Colin Geller, Ethan Evans, Alex Palma, Bryan Flynn, Emerson Tung and Jon Lane, each of whom share interesting background on the work done to shape these dark-hued scenarios.

Bryan Flynn explains for example that “Creating the interior of the BFG 10.000 was one of my favorite works. I thought I’d give an idea of ​​the size of this gun by using scaffolding and walkways surrounded by massive structures to concentrate energy. The silhouette of the gun also has a shape specifically designed to ensure the best view of the fireworks show featuring the Doom Slayer “.

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Colin Gellerinstead, it tells a nice anecdote about the genesis of the Fortress of Destiny, one of the most iconic settings in the history of DOOM Eternal: “As we developed the Fortress we dwelt on this image of the basic atmosphere that we wanted to evoke and that somehow evoked Dracula’s castle. We were very intrigued to play with the idea that this was the Doom Slayer’s stronghold. In the final version in the game we have kept these elements, and the effect is extraordinary “.

Emerson Tung finally illustrates the main sources of inspiration for DOOM Eternal’s Hell and, with the disturbing image that stands out at the beginning of the article and in the gallery at the bottom, reveals that “is heavily inspired by heavy metal album covers and previous titles in the series. We set out to meet fans’ expectations of a literal interpretation of hell with fire, brimstone, blatant religious iconography and props over the top. lines. With DOOM Eternal we went wild and pushed the elements of horror and brutality of the setting to the maximum. “.


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