Doom Eternal: the authors discuss the launch and the challenge against … Animal Crossing!

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ID Software's Creative Director, Hugo Martin, explains how the DOOM Eternal development team thinks about the challenge against Animal Crossing New Horizons, both out on March 20 albeit on different platforms.

During an interview with GameSpot, Martin addressed the matter to declare that "I think it's fantastic (see going out DOOM Eternal and New Horizons on the same day, editor's note), is the manifestation of the extraordinary diversity we see today in the world of video games. I sincerely cheer on this and other games, but also on their developers. I think it's an incredible time to be a video game author and I'm excited to be playing Animal Crossing. ".

Still on the "competition" to DOOM Eternal represented by Nintendo sandbox, the creative director of ID Software does not hide his interest in theadventure of the Villager and explains that "I'm so proud to be working in the video game industry and the fact that two such profoundly different titles, and such broad media coverage, will be released on the same day".

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Recently, Texan authors also discussed DOOM Eternal's release on PS5 and Xbox Series X, defining it as "a logical choice" by virtue of the same development ecosystem and the same catchment area, as well as the flexibility of the ID Software graphic engine.

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