Doom Eternal played in the third person is as rare as you imagine

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The players of Doom Eternal They are still experimenting with the hidden capabilities of the new id Software game, and after uncovering a hidden weapon that could only be achieved with the command console, they have now also been able to experience the game in the third person.

The same developer and Twitter user who showed a few days ago how to use the hidden pistol now reveals how the Slayer moves if we move the camera away and enjoy the killing at a safe distance.

The animations created for the multiplayer mode make an appearance here although it was not necessary to animate the entire model for the single player campaasapland, as it has never been intended to be played with this camera.

It is quite rare and even comical to see this mass of destruction move the way it does if we opt for the third person view. You can see how to modify the game to play this way in this Cheat Engine table.

Doom Eternal is already the best-selling installment in the franchise and since its launch it has been a major topic of conversation among the gaming community worldwide. It is very popular both for how good it is and for the unexpected fusion with the world of Animal Crossing caused by sharing the release date.

In our review you have all the details you need to see why the new id Software lives up to its name.

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