DOOM Eternal: get ready, in the future you will be able to fight against dragons and mechs

In these days DOOM Eternal is back in the limelight thanks to the presentation of the DLC The Ancient Gods Parte 1, which will allow all demon killers to return to action starting October 20. The expansion will take the Doomguy into uncharted territories, where he must exterminate never-before-seen creatures and master brand new abilities.

Shortly after the release of the trailer for The Ancient Gods Part 1, which provided a copious glimpse of the content taking shape in id Software’s digital forges, a new concept art emerged online, which you can also admire at the top of this news. . The work immediately attracted the attention of fans of the game, who did not struggle to see behind the Doomguy the silhouettes of some orcs mech and a series of threatening ones draghi, a type of enemy not present in the base game. A user quickly pointed out his find on the Doom Eternal subreddit, writing “I hope we will see something similar in future DLCs”, attracting the attention of the Game Director Hugo Martin, who is always very active in those parts. The Director replied: “You will see them”, implying that Mechs and mighty dragons may be included in upcoming DOOM Eternal DLCs.

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Recall that The Ancient Gods Part 1, as the title clearly implies, is only the first part of a work divided into two, so these enemies could already appear in the second episode, at the moment without a launch window. During the Gamescom we also learned that the DLC will be stand-alone, and therefore can also be purchased by those who do not own the original game.


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