Domina, we return to the set for the Sky series with Kasia Smutniak and Liam Cunningham

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After the forced COVID-19 case, the filming of Domina starts again in Cinecittà, the TV series produced by Sky Studios which also features among its protagonists Kasia Smutniak, Isabella Rossellini and Liam Cunningham of Game of Thrones.

"Domina is one of the reference series for Sky Italia and Sky Studios, so we are excited to have been able to resume production this week at the Cinecittà studios"said Nils Hartmann, Original Production Director of Sky Italia"Across Europe, Sky Studios have been active on the production floor for two months already, and at this juncture we have learned valuable lessons on how to ensure a safe return (social distancing, areas specially designated for cast members and crew etc.) on set in such uncertain times".

Among the various security measures adopted, some of which very similar to those mentioned in the previous months also by other film and television studios, also the closure of the sets to those who are not strictly connected to the work in progress, and a series of procedures to be put in place before reaching the site.

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"We are excited to be able to return to Cinecittà with our brilliant cast and dedicated crew"added Faye Dorn, Executive Producer of Fifty Fathoms, the producer of the series together with Cattleya and of course Sky Studios"It was an extraordinary period, and everyone involved showed great ability and determination in ensuring the completion of the series".

In the cast of Domina we also find Matthew McNulty, Claire Forlani, Ben Batt, Enzo Cilenti, Christine Bottomley and Colette Tchantcho.

Filming will last a few more months, while the show is expected to debut next year on Sky.

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