Domestic Girlfriend: threats and insults for the final plot twist, the author: "I'm afraid"

Kei Sasuga, author of the famous manga Domestic Girlfriend, was literally overwhelmed with insults and threats after the publication of the last chapters of his work, now nearing its conclusion. In particular, it was the incredible that infuriated the fans twist of the last chapter, which we won't talk about to avoid spoilers.

Without going into too much detail, the story of Domestic Girlfriend could be considered ended after the choice of the protagonist, made definitively a few months ago. In the last month, however, some events have completely changed the cards on the table and, in the last two chapters in particular, the story has undergone a decidedly unexpected turn. Fans did not appreciate the author's idea and flocked to social media.

After a few days Kei Sasuga decided to intervene, writing: "Using Twitter has become increasingly difficult in the last period, too much anger and a lot of criticism from the overseas public .."The overseas public did not take the author's comment well and, consequently, the criticisms and insults have sadly increased. Discussing with the more civilian fans in the comments, the mangaka said she was exhausted and afraid of any impact.

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Domestic Girlfriend will definitively end on June 10 with the publication of chapter 276. The last volume of the manga, number 28, will be distributed in August.


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