Dolittle, Seth Rogen helped rewrite the film with Robert Downey Jr.

In a strange year of releases and receipts, the just 231 million collected worldwide by the enjoyable Dolittle with Robert Downey Jr. they could almost be a godsend compared to the fate of many other colleagues, and we find out today that he also thought about helping in writing the film Seth Rogen.

The film was supposed to be the big comeback of Robert Downey Jr. to a project outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but unfortunately it was not so. When the truth was actually understood, he was called Seth Rogen to help in the rewriting of the script, as he also confirmed during the promotion of his new film HBO Max, An American Pickle.

The actor said: "I will only say this because it has already been reported elsewhere and in any case I will be short and coincident because I am close to many of the people involved, but yes, I have helped a little in the rewriting of Dr. Dolittle. It is not an uncomfortable position, that of the revisionist. Expectations are low. But the truth is that he decides to do it because you want to sincerely help improve a project. Universal, who produced that film, has supported me a lot in my career and has also produced many of my films. of the people who worked on it and I really wanted to help as I could".

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