Does the author of My Hero Academia continue to sow clues about the death of All Might?

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Rumors have been chasing each other about the future death of All Might. The My Hero Academia manga seems to have anticipated this moment several times: right from the start the character is on the verge of death from his wounds, then he lost his power and finally various confirmations arrived thanks to the quirk of Nighteye who predicted his departure.

Chapter 257 of My Hero Academia launches readers with new details that portend a death for All Might. While the 1-A guys celebrate, All Might finds himself involved in a private talk with Aizawa. The two talk about various subjects but the teaching ability of the former hero number one is also affected and how much being there already means for everyone.

According to Aizawa, staying alive is already a push for young high school students who would not have reached the same heights without the presence of All Might at school. A rather particular discourse on life, considering that already from chapter 256 of My Hero Academia All Might it could have concluded its purpose, passing to Midoriya all the information it had on the One for All. Furthermore, the moment in which the character will have to die, as predicted, is getting closer and closer by Sir Nighteye some time before.

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The League of Villain is getting underway as anticipated by the end of the chapter, now My Hero Academia is about to enter a new phase that will lead to an all-out war between heroes and criminals. This will be the chosen moment for the departure of All Might?

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