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 Doctor Strange, no. fifteen

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Cover of Doctor Strange, no. fifteen

Original edition: Doctor Strange, vol. 5, no. 17 USA.
Departure date: January 2020.
Script: Mark Waid
He drew: Jesús Saiz
Format: Staple, 24 pages. In color.
Price: € 3.00

Punished by karma by looking for new challenges that put him to the test, the Strange Doctor was involved in a great conflict in which Galactus ended up in the realm of magic and began to consume everything that was there. As he could, the Supreme Sorcerer tried to stop him and even offered to be his herald to mitigate the damage, but because of Mephisto everything went wild. Therefore and using the last resort of Umar, Clea and Strange, all possible characters fought and perished against the World Eater so that the Supreme Sorcerer would give him the touch of grace, but it ended in a vacuum. There, Eternity, Mephisto and the Living Court they demand that you rebuild reality thread by thread as it was, but Strange took the opportunity to prevent this catastrophe from happening again and returned the favor to Mephisto. In this self-conclusion number we will see Stranger chasing an extradimensional being in a humble house.

The story would begin with a family preparing a party for their daughter when Doctor Strange enters her house Looking for an unwanted presence. Despite family doubts, Stranger finds the elusive Xennerak and fights with him throughout the house to try to expel him from our dimension. However, you should be very focused if you do not want the villain to get some advantage and destroy the party that the family had prepared for his daughter.

Image of Doctor Strange, no. fifteenIn general, we are facing a story of the simplest and most traditional Supreme Sorcerer in which there are not many pretensions, but we do have a classic story that shows us a bit what can be an adventure of a day of Stephen Strange. Now, entering a bit more in the plot without going into spoilers, the use of such an elusive villain ends up giving a good result when giving more field to the screenwriter and the protagonist contrasts very well with the human residents of the home.

As for the characters, Stephen Strange shows his most magical and sorcerer's face before humble people They are unaware of what is happening and why an outsider has entered their home without their permission. However, and despite their rudeness, it shows them great professionalism from beginning to end and a great concern for their safety. However, the villain on duty simply fulfills his role, well beyond well-spoken dialogues, it does not stand out beyond being very elusive.

Image of Doctor Strange, no. fifteenOn rhythm, if we consider that it is a self-conclusion story we can say that Mark Waid has handled very well the times of beginning, knot and outcome so that the reading does not feel run over at any time. It could even be said that this autoconclusive number reads better than some of the previous arc in which Barry Kitson was also scripting.

On an artistic level Jesús Saiz returns with an impressive drawing both cover and interior level vignette to vignette in which it boasts magnificent strokes, good details and, by extension, an outstanding overall result.

In short, I consider that we are facing un entertaining number that shows us another kind of adventures of Doctor Strange with a smaller scale, but equally enjoyable, and more with the incredible work of the artist.

You can acquire “Doctor Strange, no. fifteen" here.

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