Doctor Strange 2: Wiccan and Speed ​​will be there, but no one knows yet who will play them

Previously it had already been confirmed that superheroes Wiccan e Speed they would make their debut in the mini-series WandaVision, but now a new rumor suggests that their presence will also be significant in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

According to the usually reliable Cosmic MCU, the two characters will appear as babies during the Disney + TV series with Elizabeth Olsen, then fans will see them as children of about eight (as evidenced by the leaked audition tapes) and towards the end of the series they will reach a teenage age.

Moreover, we already know that Wanda will appear in the sequel to Doctor Strange con Benedict Cumberbatch, and now according to what MCU Cosmic calls ‘a reliable source’ Elizabeth Olsen’s Avenger will bring the teenage twins with her in the new film of the saga. Considering that a few weeks ago the debut of America Chavez in Doctor Strange 2, the presence of Wiccan and Speed ​​would do increase to three the number of Young Avengers featured in the highly anticipated film by Sam Raimi.

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The most surprising part of this whole story, however, is another: the two Speed ​​and Wiccan actors have already shot their scenes for WandaVision, and it makes us smile that no one yet knows who they are considered that they could play a huge role in the future of the MCU if they really end up being part of the Young Avengers team.

Recall that the filming of Doctor Strange 2 should start by the end of 2020, so in the coming weeks the fans could finally have some more details.


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