Doctor Strange 2, we see the return of Loki in this massive fan made poster

Doctor Strange is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and accompanying him in the Multiverse of Madness will also be the formidable Scarlett Witch. At this point many are wondering if we see Loki appear too, and in the indecision it is always better to build an epic poster that includes it in the foreground.

In the image posted by psychboz we can therefore admire Strange and Wanda separated by a beam of orange light, at the base of which the God of Deception dominates. In this case it would seem to have forgotten the positive turnaround it had previously, and to have found its ancient evil streak: that it can somehow return to being the dreaded villain of the past in the new movie?

Difficult to say, but Kevin Feige had nevertheless stated that the Loki series will be linked to Doctor Strange, and it is likely that we will find answers only with the conclusion of the first season, if not directly at the cinema with the film by Sam Raimi.

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What do you think of the artwork? You would like to find again Tom Hiddleston with Benedicti Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange? Certainly there would be scornful comments and mutual teasing. Meanwhile, some rumors continue to insist on a new character who could take part in the film: it is the young Miss America.


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