Do you miss life on PlayStation Home? The community wants to bring him back through a recreation at Dreams

They were good times, I admit it. PlayStation Home was one of those particular places, with a lot of potential, but that ended up failing. Released in 2008 as an open beta, any PS3 user could create their own avatar in this virtual world and enjoy activities of all kinds.

With his closing in 2015, many of us began to yearn for what we had built there. Yet once again, the community comes to the rescue. In this case through one of the great tools that the industry has: Dreams.

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Dreams Central is a “social entertainment center” that has all kinds of spaces, both public and private. Through their website we know that they are a group that has also felt that “void in the gaming community that has not really been filled”.

It is not a proposal made overnight, but they carry working on it since March 2019. Among the activities for one or four players they want to include are billiards, air hockey, bowling, movies or places like the beach and a skating rink.

The intention in the future is also to add roller coasters, escape rooms and fairs such as the carnival. With a release planned for 2022 on PS4 and PS5, Media Molecule is expected to have included online multiplayer in Dreams by those dates.


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