Disney +, all the news coming in August 2020

Disney + it is certainly the streaming on demand platform that most of all suffered a lot from the interruption of the workings of films and TV series: the catalog is the mirror of how programming is currently struggling and is struggling to take off, forcing month by month month the platform to repurpose content already passed on Disney Channel or Disney XD.

Among the news of this month the most interesting proposal is certainly the Big Hero 6 series, which will allow many to recover an expansion of the universe of what was to be a revolutionary Classic in the history of Disney and which had generated a crossmedia that was then cut to use energy on the other. So here's the Disney + releases for August.

Alex & Co. – August 7

In July the first season of Alex & Co. had arrived, while now it's the other two of the all-Italian series. After proposing, therefore, Penny on M.A.R.S., originally broadcast on Disney Channel and then also on Rai Gulp between 2015 and 2017, it is now up to the events that will lead Alex to discover that he will have to move to the United States, so as to start thinking with his brother Joe which may be the solution to stay in Italy.

Among the auditions for The Talent, the show Alex dreams of being able to attend, and unexpected pregnancyto the girl's mother, the two seasons climb through the events that push the young protagonist more and more towards success, thanks to her voice and her band, which is renamed Alex & Co.

The Greens in the city – August 7th

Among the proposals of the month of August we find The Greens in town, the latest content from the Disney + animated series for the summer. Broadcast in Italy from January 7, 2019 on Disney Channel, after arriving in 2018 on Disney XD, the series revolves around the events of Cricket Green, a country boy who suddenly finds himself forced, together with his father and sister, to move to a metropolitan city.

The difficulties of moving from a rural reality to one made of concrete and traffic puts Cricket Green in great difficulty, thus giving life to a series of events told for the entire season. The first 30 episodes now arrive on Disney +, while the second season, not yet concluded in the United States, will arrive later, without however having a precise date.

Big Hero 6: the series – August 7th

The success of the 2014 Disney Classic, a mix of sci-fi, a futuristic world and adrenaline-pumping action, much closer to Pixar themes than to Burbank's, generates the TV series that had debuted in 2017 on Disney XD. Created by the authors of Kim Possible, Mark mcCorkle and Bob Schooley, the series was based not only on the Disney Classic, but also on the homonymous comic which had been published by Marvel Comics.

Unlike what was made in the original adventure, the Big Hero 6 series had been made in 2D animation, going to build a real sequel to the stories of Baymax and Hiro Hamada. The plot of the story told from the first season, consisting of 22 episodes and aired in Italy from 2018 to 2019, is the legendary San Fransokyo metamorphosis for Hiro Hamada, now exalted throughout the Institute of Technology.

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After having shown great courage and having won the honors of the news, the boy, however, must return to relate to what are the problems of everyday life, comparing the challenges experienced alongside Baymax to those between the school desks. Despite being a kid, Hamada has to live through college problems, while all the remaining team members of the six will have to work towards defend the city from Obake's assault, a supervillain who will try to get the better of San Fransokyo.

On August 7, the first season of the Big Hero 6 series will arrive, as mentioned consisting of 22 episodes. There is still no news regarding the second season, which aired on Disney Channel in 2019 and ended last February in the United States.

The Proud family – August 14th

In 2003 the series created by Bruce Smith, The Proud family, had made her debut in Italy, ready to tell the adventures of Penny Proud: the 14-year-old girl finds herself having to live her daily life in the embarrassment of the relationship with her father, Oscar, a very protective and apprehensive parent, ex hyphenation sample and now suffering from severe immaturity. With the haste to grow and to move away from the oppressive family and who continues to treat her like a young girl, Penny dreams of being able to become a talented singer, but without forgetting her frantic and hyperactive nature, a bit like her father: between the football team, the writing of the school newspaper and the galloping feminismPenny saw his adventures divided into three different seasons.

From the series it was then produced also a feature film sequel intended exclusively for television, broadcast in Italy in August 2005, to celebrate the end of the third season, which had lasted just eleven episodes. Exactly 15 years later, therefore, the Proud family approves on Disney +, but only with the first two seasons, both of 20 episodes. The third and the film itself remain out of programming.

Bear Grylls: Celebrity Edition – August 28th

Bear Grylls' return coincides with the new adventures of the wildest adventurer on world television. The series, Celebrity Edition, puts Bear Grylls alongside ten Hollywood stars who decide to abandon the luxuries of civilization to put themselves to the test in nature, between instinct and survival, with the need to tackle non-daily issues, between sharks and challenges that exult the search for the remote control between the folds of the sofa.

Between Norway, Sardinia, Iceland, Arizona and other unexplored and wild locations, Bear Grylls will arrive on Disney +, also via National Geographic, from August 28, to accompany you through the world even at the end of summer, in a year in which it has not been easy to move freely.


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