Disney: According to a rumor, the multinational will not release 4K versions of live action

While the Disney release calendar is still being updated, we report this rumor about the upcoming releases in 4K version live action films, which may be suspended.

The news was shared by Bill Hunt, editor of The Digital Bits and it would also seem to have been confirmed by the Twitter insider @ViewerAnon, according to what reported the latest Blu-ray in 4K version produced by Disney will be those of "Hocus Pocus" is "Mom I missed the plane"The next releases will therefore be reserved for the next films of Star Wars, by Marvel, Pixar and the other sagas produced by the House of Mickey Mouse, while the 4K version box sets of works such as Fight Club, Mrs. Doubtfire and Furore will not be available.

According to what was stated by Bill Hunt, this decision is not to be attributed to the impact of the Coronavirus on the world of cinema, but to the willingness of the multinational to focus on promotion of its streaming service. We remind you that for now this news has not yet been officially confirmed, we are sure that in the coming days we will have other details about it.

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Finally, we report a new indiscretion regarding one of the next projects of the House of Mickey Mouse: in the past few weeks Alan Menken has revealed the title of the Disney spin off on Beauty and The Beast.


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