Discussions, screaming and 12 stitches: the new scandal between Neymar's mother and her ex-boyfriend, Tiago Ramos

A new scandal involves Neymar's mom and her ex-boyfriend. Nadine Goncalvez (52) would have had a strong argument with her former partner, Tiago Ramos (22). This act of violence led to a alleged physical assault of the young man which ended up in the hospital with 12 stitches in the right arm. There are many versions about the way in which Tiago Ramos would have suffered that deep cut of about 5 cm. approximately, in addition to an internal and external rupture of the tissues of the back of the arm, according to the doctors.

The Brazilian site Extra Balloon He reported that The discussion between the couple originated last Tuesday night and that the model suffered the injury after hitting the glass of one of the windows of the house with his right arm. The 22-year-old was immediately taken to Santa Casa de Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, for his attention. In addition to the suture, he was medicated with pain relievers and spent the night under observation in the hospital.

According to stories from the couple, which were supplied by the acting doctors, Tiago suffered the wound after falling on a glass table, but also version came up that it would have been for a glass and that he would have even attempted suicide, due to events with similar characteristics in the past. However, no further information could be obtained as through a statement, The hospital warned that "it is not authorized to provide information about the case."

This is not the first fight that 52-year-old Nadine Nadine Gonçalves has with the model. As revealed to Extra by a person who works in the condominium, Ramos has been heard on more than one occasion screaming and even the sound of different objects breaking inside the house. "Tiago suffered a domestic accident", they specified from the press office of Neymar. Other versions point to Tiago and accuse him of a suicide attempt.

“Friends close to the model informed Extra that he is quite aggressive, especially when he drinks or feels jealous, and that Tiago has already attempted suicide several times. ‘When he drinks, he is crazy, breaks everything and has tried to commit suicide several times. He is a jealous psychopath. He's crazy, trying to kill himself, breaking the whole house. ’said a source linked to the model, "the Brazilian newspaper detailed.

Tiago Ramos has already been accused of assault in Spain by employee Rita Cumplido, 44, who had dated him before Nadine. The Spanish woman filed the complaint last October and obtained a measure of protection against hers. At that time, Rita stated that the fight was caused by jealousy by Tiago.

For his part, upon learning this news of the new fight between Nadine and Tiago, Irinaldo Oliver, the model's ex-boyfriend, recalled the similar situation he lived with Neymar's "stepfather" in a hotel in Rio in January 2018. In dialogue with Extra, Irinaldo, who is a press officer, said that Tiago Ramos was furious after a fight between the two, and that the model broke the objects in the hotel room where they were staying, injured his hand when he hit the glass table and even attempted suicide.

"When I saw this story (of his new fight with Nadine), I saw myself on the scene. He is super aggressive and is doing everything he did to me. He broke everything at the Transamérica hotel, in Barra da Tijuca, where we were. He threw chairs on the 20th floor and then he was injured when he hit a glass table, cut himself and tried to throw himself out the window, "recalled Irinaldo. Back then, he also called an ambulance to see Tiago because his hand was cut off and he was bleeding a lot.

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Romance turned into a fleeting love, since little time to make known their love story, both scandalously separated in April of this year. The reason? As stated by Mundo Deportivo and various Brazilian media, Nadine Gonçalves did not accept the sentimental past of Tiago Ramos, who since he made news for his new relationship He did not stop receiving complaints from former couples, women and men. The fact that Ramos is bisexual and even had “three-way” relationships with established partners was not accepted by Nadine, who decided to end the relationship quickly. Days before, Extra and Lance published that Tiago Ramos had bisexual relations with Mauro (Neymar's cook), with the adviser Irinaldo Oliver, with the renowned influencer Carlinhos Maia, and maintained a sentimental relationship of three with the marriage formed by Hans Madrid and Raphael Stemberg.

“He was always bisexual … and he always liked older women. When we finished he blocked me, but he is a very sweet boy ”, Extra Brazilian public relations specialist Irinaldo Oliver told Extra. “We had a relationship of three and we never hid it. In August 2018, Tiago came to live with us. He is bisexual, he likes men and women. The relationship ended because he went to pursue his dream of being a footballer, "said a former lover of Tiago to the same media.

The Brazilian press stated that Nadine could not bear the young man's past, especially the relationship she had with her son's cook, and that's why she kicked him out of her house. According to these media, the young man took refuge in his parents' house "sad and devastated" by all the commotion that was generated around his private life.


In adolescence, Tiago Ramos tried to be a famous soccer player. He played for Ferroviario de Fortaleza, an important club in the Ceará area, which is currently playing in Serie C of Brasileirao. However, he ended up leaving the ball aside to dedicate himself fully to e-sports, where he saw that he would have a better future.

But Tiago never stopped taking care of his physique. Gym fanatic, The young man usually shows his body worked on social networks, where he became a true influencer. He even shares videos of some of his exercises, garnering hundreds of "likes."

Ramos was always an admirer of Neymar, from the time he excelled at Santos, before jumping to Barcelona and becoming the planetary figure he became thanks to his football skills.

"I know that someday I will meet you", He knew how to publish the gamer on his Instagram account, accompanying the desire for an image with Neymar.



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