Dirty Dancing: when Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray hated each other deeply

He's back on TV tonight Dirty Dancing, cult of the 80s starring one of the most famous and close-knit couples on the big screen, that is Patrick Swayze is Jennifer Gray.

Well, we apologize in advance, but unfortunately the myth of Baby and Johnny should be somewhat reduced: not everyone knows, in fact, that the two stars hated each other deeply before they got to know each other seriously during the making of the film, and this is becausetheir first meeting, which took place a few years earlier on the set of Red Dawnhadn't exactly gone well.

The stars, both weaned by Francis Ford Coppola (Swayze with The guys on 53rd Street in 1983 and Gray with Cotton Club in 1984), they had several problems getting along while filming Red Dawn, and production staff feared that the past animosity between the two stars would endanger the filming of the love scenes. To overcome this, Eleanor Bergstein and Emile Ardolino forced the two actors to review their first camera tests together, which helped to renew energy and enthusiasm.

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Of course the processing from there did not go exactly smooth: Patrick Swayze insisted on doing all his stunts, but during the trunk scene he fell and seriously injured his knee.

For further information, we refer you to the recent rumors about a Dirty Dancing sequel and to a special on dance films, including Flashdance, Dirty Dancing is Footloose.


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