Digital drawing: according to the author of EDENS ZERO it was a godsend

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Mangaka is a profession known for having highly exhausting rhythms. An author must juggle the various deadlines of the magazine by creating manuscripts, storyboards, material acquisition, meetings with the editor in charge and much more. But digital drawing seems to have helped to streamline the times, like reveals the author of EDENS ZERO.

Hiro Mashima is famous for being one of the most prolific mangaka and capable of producing even three chapters a week, as he did with Fairy Tail several times. On the occasion of the release of the volume 8 of EDENS ZERO, the mangaka decided to speak to digital readers, about his relationship with it and his assistants.

Before the digital drawing arrived, Mashima admits that many hours of work per week were required, creating a really difficult environment. The assistants were mainly forced to go to the studio almost every day of the week, sometimes even staying there to sleep if the workplace was far away, and the only goal was to finish those 20 pages "working at any cost". There was a lot of determination and the author was initially convinced that working on paper was better.

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When Mashima started working digitally however he discovered that the workload had almost halved, no longer having to worry about mistakes and much more. In addition, this has simplified the lives of assistants who only need to go to the studio twice a week to receive directions, while otherwise they can work nimbly from home at their own pace.

Whereas Hiro Mashima works more than the others, often bringing more series at the same time as happened for Hero's, even the slightest reduction of problems can be fundamental. At the moment, there are still few veteran mangakas who fully exploit the potential of digital. Mashima, on the other hand, will still take advantage of this technique, as it has revealed to fans how long EDENS ZERO will last.

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