Digimon Adventure 2020: Tyrannomon inflames the preview of episode 9

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The reboot of the first series dedicated to digital monsters, Digimon Adventure , has immediately shown great changes compared to the original work, putting DigiChoosen immediately in front of great challenges, and in the preview of the non-episode it seems that they will also have to deal with a powerful Tyrannomon.

In fact, if in the first two episodes Tai and Matt had to face a Mega-Digimon, they will soon have to to deal with an advanced level monster, which could put them in great difficulty. After entering the fortress, Greymon will find himself involved in a clash with Ogremon, who followed the protagonists after the sound defeat suffered in the past episodes.

The twists and turns don't end there. From what is shown in the video that you find at the bottom of the page, in fact we will also see a huge one Metal Tyrannomon, probably the most powerful Digimon to date in the series. Before being interrupted however, since the arrival of Ogremon, the protagonists discover a disturbing truth, inside the fortress there is a Supreme Digimon.

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Recall that Garurumon's DigiEvolution was recently shown in the series, and that TOEI Animation revealed how many episodes the Digimon Adventure 2020 series will consist of.

What do you think of this radical change from the original series released 20 years ago? Is this type of approach to adventures in Digiworld convincing you? Let us know with a comment below.

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