Digimon Adventure 2020: new digital monsters arrive in the series

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The series of Digimon Adventure has finally made its return after the stop caused by the pandemic, and seems to have done so in a big way, introducing new species of digital monsters. The reboot showed us a very different Digital World from the original more than 20 years ago, but new Digimon perhaps could be a good addition.

Although they have been part of the Digimon universe for many years, thereEpisode 4 of the series officially brought Brachimon and Stegomon to the anime for the first time ever. In fact, the two Digimon, inspired respectively by the brachiosaurus and the stegosaurus, had never been reserved a particular role in the animated productions of the franchise.

In episode 4 Tai and Agumon have joined Sora and Biyomon, taking their first steps into the real Digital World, where they immediately met a pack of Stegomon and a single Brachimon, immediately defined by Tai as "very strong".

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After going through a jungle, and arriving near a river, the boys and their companions are attacked by a Snimon. The real threat however hides at the bottom of the river, in fact after continuing Tai and Sora are in front of a Coelamon, who for the first time in the history of the series plays the role of opponent.

Waiting for the fifth episode of Digimon Adventure we leave you to discover how the Digital World works. What do you think of these new Digimon introduced in the reboot? Would you like more? Let us know with a comment below.

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