Digimon Adventure 2020: a surprise death arrives in the last episode

The last episode of the reboot of the first anime series dedicated to digital monsters, Digimon Adventure 2020 , marked a point of no return, with an unexpected death and the appearance of a Dark Digimon, the next great opponent that the protagonists will face.

The tones shown in these first episodes are extremely more serious and direct than those that had characterized the original series more than twenty years ago, and the authors continue to surprise us by giving even greater depth to the enemies.

We are talking about Ogremon, one of the villains of Digimon Adventure's first narrative arc, who despite returning many times in the following seasons, playing the role of the powerful Devimon's right arm has never received particular attention.

Although apparently he seems only guided by his wickedness, episode 9 of the reboot showed us a different side of Ogremon, underlining his honorable rivalry with Leomon, and faced with the appearance of a Perfect Digimon, Dark Tyrannomon, Ogremon he decides to sacrifice himself to give time to escape to the Digi-Chosen. At the bottom of the page we reported the post shared by a fan, where you can see some frames of Ogremon, just before he died in the explosion caused by the Tyrannomon.

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A scene that greatly surprised the spectators and that has reworked the small details shown in the original series. Recall that the number of episodes of Digimon Adventure 2020 has been revealed, and that Matt and Garurumon have obtained a splendid statue.


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