Digimon 2020: the explosive return of Mimi and Togemon in the new adaptation

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After 20 years we are reviewing in recent weeks Tai, Matt and the other original DigiPrelected in their children's version thanks to Digimon Adventure 2020, the new adaptation produced by Toei Animation on the digital world. Who has received the most space so far has been the Tai and Agumon couple, but the others are also gaining space.

After discovering the new features of Digivice, Tai, Agumon, Sora and Biyomon met Mimi, another DigiPrelected, along with a group of Tanemons. This year's series is therefore introducing and deepening the kids and their digital companions slowly instead of doing like the original series, launching them all together in the action right away.

In the new episode of Digimon Adventure 2020, however, things are not going well because it seems that the bad Ogremon has some plans, and Mimi and Palmon they will face a new enemy. Ogremon has in fact unleashed an evil Drimogemon that manages to be beaten thanks to Mimi who, with the Digivice, causes the Digivolution of Palmon into Togemon. The famous green cactus therefore gives its best as you can see in the video below, defeating the enemy and bringing peace to that region of the digital world.

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