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Did you file rough edges? Ari Borovoy has a tender encounter with Erika Zaba's baby (PHOTO)

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It seems that the bitter drink that the members of OV7 is already behind and a clear example is his emotional encounter with Emiliano, the little son of Erika Zaba Y Francisco Oliveros

Through your account Instagram, the singer documented the encounter he had with the baby, with who is seen very affectionate.

“Mom don't ask me to smile, I'm with Uncle Ari and I don't want to listen to you, I'm a few days old, leave me alone (The boy pointed annoyingly at his mother taking the picture), ”the singer wrote in his post.

In addition, the message of Borovoy came accompanied by a Photography, which shows the little one, one month in the singer's arms.

“It's beautiful on chamaco Congratulations Güera and Fran! ”, He added in his post the 40 year old interpreter

Because of how funny those words seemed to Erika, did not stay with the desire and under the publication of his partner wrote: “You better get used to millions of photos I'll take it. "

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It should be remembered that Emiliano he is not the last baby who came to the lives of OV7, because Ari Borovoy himself announced that very soon will be a father for the fourth time.

“It is absolutely true and yes, I am very happy. I'm going to arm my 90s Pop Tour at home. Very happy, thank you very much, ”said the businessman of Bobo Productions.

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