Did the Raven, Brandon Lee's death condemn the reboot? Ernie Hudson speaks

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The Crow by Alex Proyas is still one of the most loved 90's cult fans of the genre, also due to the tragic death of the protagonist Brandon Lee occurred on the set, due to an accident with the gun, reason that according to Ernie Hudson, interpreter of Darryl Albrecth, would also condemn the much problematic reboot.

Indeed speaking with Comicbook.com in a recent interview, Hudson explained that – in his opinion – the failure of the many film restart projects of Il Corvo, first with Ryan Gosling, then with Luke Evans and finally with Jason Momoa, last to collapse. The interpreter said:

"Well, James O'Barr is a friend and he created this story and this character as a comic book. And Brandon took on the role, and I knew Brandon before we shot the movie together. We had a little trouble putting it all together, but when Brandon died … it's even hard to talk about it. I shot many action movies and nobody ever got hurt. I mean, it's almost impossible, at least in my mind, that such a thing could happen, but it happened. So in part I love the Alex Proyas film, which is a wonderful director who made sure the film was what it was supposed to be. But on the other, in my head, less".

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Hudson thinks the reboot should be done but deviate from the Eric Draven story written by O'Barr: "Maybe other crows might exist. But it's not like the Ghostbusters, where I immediately thought 'oh yes, there could be many more'. I just think Brandon was the Crow and, as far as I'm concerned, once he died and after he finished shooting the film, it ended up there for me. I know others have done it, but I haven't seen them. For me only Brandon was the Crow, but I know that's not the case for fans. And also the studio, because he believes it can still be a great franchise, but sometimes I think it is a really specific title. Brandon was the heart of the film and his death condemned the franchise".

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