Diamond is Unbreakable: Koichi Hirose in hip hop version in this fan art

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Music is JoJo's Bizarre Adventures for years they have formed an indispensable union, given that the names of the characters and stands chosen by Hirohiko Araki are taken on by the world of music. Let's see this Koichi Hirose fan art in Hip Hop version.

On the famous Reddit forum, a fan posted this wonderful drawing from his friend Josuke Higashikata that you can find at the bottom of the news. The author of the drawing is Euclase and, as you can see, he has adapted well to Araki's style. Koichi's character, more than many other characters, is very tied to music or better to sounds, given his stand power Echoes the only stand to have three evolutionary stages. Act 1 manages to apply sounds to objects and people, Act 2 makes the effects of onomatopoeias real (for example, if you touch the onomatopoeia of fire, you burn yourself). Act 3 instead seems to deviate from this pattern, in fact it gains speed and physical strength, but only manages to weigh down the target it hits. A particular stand that, metaphorically, accompanies with its evolutions the growth of the character of Koichi, first shy and fearful boy, then decisive hero for the final confrontation with the serial Killer Yoshikage Kira.

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Have you ever wondered where Araki got inspiration for the city of Morio Cho? The author set the series in a small town because he wanted to create a strong suspense in the reader, making the inhabitants of the city like spiders waiting for the victims in their canvas. Disturbing, isn't it?

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