Detective Conan, the author reveals: "I admit it, I didn't think it would last so long"

Detective Conan it is one of the longest-running works of the current manga generation. Gosho Aoyama's comic, in fact, has well over 1000 chapters, figures reached only by very few series in Japanese editorial history. And it is ironic, moreover, that even the author himself is particularly amazed at the absurd length of the manga.

The adventures of the detective with glasses are loved all over the world, especially at home where the series enjoys a frightening popularity. Still, fans occasionally have to deal with the health of Aoyama-sensei, forced to take several breaks just to collect material for the comic. The manga, in fact, has stopped indefinitely since April, when chapter 1054 entitled was released "The strong individual …".

Either way, the franchise is grappling with the new film, Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet, expected to debut in 2021. On the occasion of an interview dating back to 2011, Aoyama revealed some interesting curiosities about the longevity of the work:

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"I have to be honest, I didn't think it lasted that long. I even imagined it could end after the first volume. (…) every time I draw a case I have the feeling that it will be the last one. Yet without even realizing it, I always end up starting the next one."

Currently, the manga enjoys 26 years of serialization, which has prompted Aoyama to face some problems with the writing of the narration:

"The worst thing is to forget the narrative developments I had anticipated earlier (laughter). For example, the Vermouth part took a lot of work. I always felt like I had to add something else. (…) Unfortunately not I still know how long the manga will last, but I think it will never exceed Kochikame's volumes (ed. The series ended in 2016 with 1960 chapters), although I have already outlined the developments. final chapter will have a happy ending. "

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