Destiny celebrates its 6th anniversary: ​​thanks from Bungie and lots of statistics

Today, 6 years ago, players from all over the world started a great adventure in Destiny. Since then over 167 million Guardians they joined our ranks and defended the Light for over 8.6 billion hours, the same amount of time it takes for light to travel from the sun to earth 4,806 times.

During this time the community has answered the call more than once by raising over $ 8.5 million for Little Lights and other worthy causes around the world. So when it comes to defending humanity, you are in the 31% that destroys, in 31% who love magic space or in the 38% which makes cloaks look beautiful, we are honored that you have chosen to make the Tower your home. And now, as we stand on the precipice of a new era, ready for Beyond the Light, we should first eat at least one cake. From the Rifugio alla Luna, the adventure was not easy and we are proud of our travel companions. A toast to the future, let’s light the candle and celebrate with friends: happy birthday Destiny.

Shadowkeep and Forsaken on Xbox Game Pass

Starting September 22, the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and Destiny 2: Forsaken expansions will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers! Destiny 2: Beyond the Light will allow players to welcome the Darkness on November 10th. Xbox lovers will be able to prepare for the journey to Europe with their Xbox Game Pass!

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Celebration in the Bungie Store – New items and backgrounds

A new poster inspired by Destiny’s favorite characters launched today in the Bungie Store (US / EU); for those not patient enough to wait for delivery, there is a beautiful digital version on (or at the bottom of this news). In addition to the aforementioned poster, we also offer a new birthday mug, a t-shirt, and for the sweet tooth (in case our cake recipe isn’t enough to satiate their appetite), we also offer a new set of cookie cutters from Destiny.

The Infinite Forest (Birthday Cake)

The technique of making the infinite cake still eludes us a little, but with the help of Victoria Rosenthal we have come close! After the success of the official Destiny cookbook, he is now sharing with us the recipe for the “Infinite Forest” chocolate cake.

Insights on the Stasis of Beyond the Light

Last week Bungie revealed more details on the Sorcerers Binder of the Shadow and on Titani Behemoth emphasizing their abilities and how stasis will change the Guardians’ approach to the world of Destiny 2. Yesterday was the turn of the Revenant Hunters.

Bungie would like to thank everyone who joined this amazing community, especially for the fond travel memories. See you on Europe on November 10th!


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