Destiny 2: the mystery of the Corridors of Time has been solved, here is the weapon in prize

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After five days of trying, reasoning and confronting, the players finally managed to solve the mystery of the Corridors of Time in Destiny 2 and get their hands on the special reward reserved by Bungie.

It was not at all easy to resolve what is being considered one of the toughest puzzles in the entire history of Desitiny, but thanks to the combined efforts of numerous streamers and players, the solution is now easily available on the net and accessible to the entire community. Once you have entered all the codes to unravel the mystery, you will have to return to the Tower where you will find Saint-14 waiting for you with another task, luckily much simpler than the previous one, since it has to do with the elimination of a certain number of Fallen. In the end, you will receive the Bastion fusion rifle, which you can see portrayed in Datto's tweet attached at the bottom of this news.

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This weapon had already been revealed in the dawn season roadmap, therefore it is not a real surprise. In addition, it appears to be causing many players to turn up their noses, who are judging it to be ineffective and unworthy of the efforts that have become necessary. What do you think about it? Have you already managed to unlock it?

Meanwhile, Bungie has announced that "thanks to the hard work of countless community members", the exotic quest will be made available directly from Saint-14 from tomorrow Tuesday 21 December, on the occasion of the usual weekly reset.

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