Destiny 2 The Aurora 2019: Guide to Ingredients and Recipes

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During the Christmas holidays the players of Destiny 2 can participate in the new edition of theAurora, an event that allows you to get different rewards by preparing a series of recipes. In this mini-guide we explain how to get all the ingredients to prepare the various recipes.

To participate in the new Christmas event you will have to go talk to Eva Levante on the Tower. After doing so, players can search for different ingredients to cook some dishes to offer to the various Destiny NPCs. Each recipe consists of three ingredients: a common one, a rare one, and finally the Aurora Essence condiment. Below we list the activities that must be completed to obtain each of these ingredients.

How to get the common ingredients of the Aurora 2019 in Destiny 2

  • Vex milk: obtainable by killing the Vex, you easily meet them on Io, Nessus, Mars and Mercury.
  • A rod of ether: obtainable by killing the Fallen, you can easily meet them on Titan, Nessus, European Dead Zone and on the Moon.
  • Cabal oil: obtainable by killing the Cabals, you easily meet them on Mars, I, European Dead Zone and Mercury.
  • Chitin powder: Obtainable by killing Hive units, you can easily meet them on Titan, Mars, Moon and Dreamy City.
  • Corrupt butter: obtainable by killing the Corrupted, you easily meet them on Io, Dreamy City and European Dead Zone.
  • Dark Ether Reed: obtainable by killing the Infamous, you can easily meet them in the Dreamy City and in the Contorted Shore.

How to get the rare ingredients of the Aurora 2019 in Destiny 2

  • Delicious Explosion: obtainable by carrying out explosive killing of all kinds (grenades, grenade launchers, rocket launchers).
  • Pungent aroma: obtainable by performing sword kills.
  • Hot Impossible: obtainable by performing killings with abilities or solar weapons.
  • Electric Aroma: obtainable by performing kills with skills or bow weapons.
  • Darkness Aroma: Obtainable by performing kills with abilities or vacuum weapons.
  • Flash of Inspiration: obtainable by generating spheres of light with super or with prodigious weapons.
  • Personal Touch: obtainable by making melee kills.
  • Perfect taste: obtainable by performing precision kills.
  • Bullet Drops: obtainable by making kills with automatic weapons.
  • Final touch: obtainable by making kills with finishing moves.
  • Faceted Flavors: obtainable by accumulating multiple killings.
  • A Pinch of Light: obtainable by collecting the spheres of light after eliminating the enemies.
  • Balanced flavors: Obtainable by killing with a bow, sniper rifle and a scout rifle.
  • Superb consistency: obtainable by killing Super.

How to prepare all the Aurora 2019 recipes in Destiny 2

You can prepare Aurora recipes in Eva Levante's oven, using the following ingredients. For each recipe it will be necessary to use 15 units of Essenza di Aurora, an ingredient that can be obtained by completing the sizes of Eva Levante.

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  • Vanilla blades for Lord Shaxx: Cabal Oil + Pungent Aroma + Aurora Essence.
  • Gjallardolcetti for Zavala: Ether of Aether + Delicious Explosion + Essence of Aurora.
  • Eliksni seeds for Hawthorne: Aether Rod + Personal Touch + Aurora Essence.
  • Chocolate Cookies in the shape of Hypernave for Amanda Holliday: Cabal Oil + Tenebrous Aroma + Aurora Essence.
  • Endless Forest Cake for Failsafe: Vex Milk + Impossible Warmth + Aurora Essence.
  • Gentleman's biscuit for Devrim Kay: Ether of Aether + Perfect Taste + Aurora Essence.
  • Transits of the Burnt Limit for Maestro Rahool: Cabal Oil + Personal Touch + Aurora Essence.
  • Traveler's Donuts for Ikora: Cabal Oil + Inspirational Flash + Aurora Essence.
  • Caramelized Dead Specters for the Spider: Dark Ether Reed + Inspirational Flash + Aurora Essence.
  • Tapioca Telemetrica for Banshee-44: Vex Milk + Bullet Drops + Aurora Essence.
  • Radial Pudding for Asher Mir: Vex Milk + Electric Aroma + Aurora Essence.
  • Strange Cookies for Xur: Corrupted Butter + Electric Aroma + Aurora Essence.
  • Confectioned Alkane Cookies for Sloane: Chitin Powder + Bullet Drops + Aurora Essence.
  • Malasorte biscuits for Petra Venj: Dark Ether Cane + Impossible Warmth + Aurora Essence.
  • Javelin Moon Cake for Ana Bray: Chitin Powder + Pungent Aroma + Aurora Essence.
  • Dark Chocolate Particle for the Ranger: Corrupt Butter + Dark Aroma + Aurora Essence.
  • Fractal roll for Brother Vance: Vex Milk + A Pinch of Light + Essence of Aurora.
  • Millestrato biscuit for Riven: Corrupt Butter + Delicious Explosion + Aurora Essence.
  • Lavender biscuits for Saint-14: Vex Milk + Personal Touch + Aurora Essence.
  • Fried Shadow Pasta for Calus: Dark Ether Cane + Superb Texture + Aurora Essence.
  • Cybernetic tart for Benedict 99-40: Cabal Oil + Faceted Flavors + Aurora Essence.
  • Loaves with Crossfire for Ada-1: Ether of Aether + Balanced Flavors + Essence of Aurora.
  • Ascending Biscuits to Cereals and Raisins for Eris Morn: Chitin Powder + Final Touch + Aurora Essence.

While you are around the Solar System in Destiny 2therefore, you can consult this guide to keep track of the ingredients and recipes to prepare for the various NPCs.

Preparing the recipes will be essential to obtain the Aurora rewards: in this regard, on our pages we have already explained to you how to obtain the exotic goshawk Corsa Alpina. Speaking of the other exotic rewards, let's remember that on our pages we presented you all the exotic weapons and armor of Destiny's Dawn Season 2.

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