Denuvo’s implementation has cost DOOM Eternal thousands of negative reviews on Steam

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Months after brand new DOOM Eternal The Denuvo protection system has been implemented in the computer version, which has generated countless performance problems and the concern of users, who consider this program harmful to their computers and their private information.

To convey their discontent, the community has chosen to publish thousands of negative reviews about the game on Steam, although all of them assure that their problem is not with the video game, only with the decision to implement Denuvo when it was not playing (this system is usually used to avoid hacking in the first weeks of games life).

“I do not know what comes this software after two months when Doom Eternal was cracked the same day of departure, as we are always the users who pay those who are harmed”can be read in the criticism of a discontented player.

“A game that worked like a charm, with brutal gameplay, a gripping storyline, and great music (…) It forces you to install an anti-cheats that don’t even work with the Windows firewall activated (and by extension the game doesn’t work), online rewards do not work, every two by three you try to reconnect and stop you and the anti-cheats saying jumps like a Trojan with many antiviruses”, counted another, being just a couple of examples of thousands of comments that share the same opinion.

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The implementation of Denuvo has had similar consequences in the past and other games have come under heavy criticism for opting for this protection system that seems to give more problems than it solves. Bethesda has turned to him on previous occasions and has always been criticized for it, but in this case, the players are even more upset than usual.

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