Demon Slayer: this low cost Nezuko cosplay will leave you stunned

The first season of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has been archived for several months but the anime continues to be on the crest of the wave, despite the Ufotable tax scandals. Also thanks to the manga published on Weekly Shonen Jump, recently concluded, the characters are always on the mouth of the fandom.

Obviously this also involves the creation of fan art and especially cosplay. Fans are indeed playing the role of characters like Mitsuri Kanroji, however there are some who are dedicated to more particular disguises. Among these is the genius Low Cost Cosplay that now enchants the world for several years with its inventiveness and the use of common objects to create anime and manga characters.

The boy posted his on Instagram cosplay by Nezuko Kamado which, needless to say, is quite particular. More precisely, he recreated his face using his belly, a little makeup and a huge eggplant that simulates a bite in the mouth. What do you think of this cosplay the world of Demon Slayer very particular?

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At the moment the franchise is stopped: after the conclusion of the manga on Weekly Shonen Jump you just have to wait for Demon Slayer Movie: Infinity Train scheduled for October 2020.


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