Demon Slayer: Rengoku Kyojuro catches fire in this splendid figure

As you probably know, the famous epic of Demon Slayer, after a first moment of difficulty, she managed to gain the favor of a rich audience, first thanks to a successful paper production and then through an animated adaptation that helped to increase the fame of the work, especially in the West.

Despite the success, however, the series came to an end much earlier than any fan could have imagined, a choice made precisely by the creator Koyoharu Gotōge, who in fact wanted the production to reach a satisfying ending in its heyday . The decision made proved to be a winning one, as fans have definitely appreciated the move, praising it on social networks and helping to expand the reputation of the franchise.

Today, in fact, Demon Slayer has a huge fan base that has attracted many companies, which have often launched themselves in the creation of themed gadgets to capitalize on the excellent results of the IP. Among the many, there are also the guys from TPA Studio, who recently presented one to the public splendid themed figures dedicated to Rengoku Kyojuro. As you can see in the images placed at the bottom of the news, the product showcases our warrior ready to attack, while high flames surround him. The end result is of undoubted quality, also thanks to the many details present, but it is characterized by a price that is not really affordable for everyone, given that there is talk of 224 euros without counting shipping costs. The company has made it known that the figure is already bookable while the release has been set for the fourth quarter of 2020.

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Before saying goodbye, we remind you that on the Everyeye pages you can find our review of Demon Slayer.


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