Demon Slayer: published a themed artwork to celebrate the rainy season

The rich franchise of Demon Slayer, after a start that was anything but crackling, she finally managed to conquer the interest of a large audience, in particular thanks to the arrival of an animated adaptation of the manga that has been able to enormously enlarge the fan base, with millions of fans in Worldwide.

Despite the great attention obtained from the production, as you will surely know not long ago the creator of the IP, Koyoharu Gotōge, had revealed that the work would soon come to an end, a choice that surprised many users who, however, showed themselves to be very happy for the decision made. After all, it is always better to end a series in its heyday rather than having to wait to see it squeezed like a lemon before reaching the much desired conclusion. The decision made helped to increase the number of fans linked to the work, always happy to come into contact with parallel productions related to the franchise.

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Well, in the last few hours Ufotable wanted to publish a nice Demon Slayer-themed artwork on Twitter that can be seen in the news where you can see the various characters of the work drawn in "deformed" style, all in order to celebrate the imminent arrival of the rainy season in Japan, a small tribute that has been able to make many people happy.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that on the pages of Everyeye you can find our review of the manga Demon Slayer.


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