Demon Slayer: Ambra Pazzani makes Nezuko Kamado sexy with a cosplay

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Demon Slayer is the focus of worldwide attention for the anime perfectly made by Ufotable. Thanks to the work of the animators, the whole franchise has benefited from it in an extreme way, from light novels to manga volumes, from merchandising to all kinds of other products available on the market.

Obviously all this would not have been possible without a passionate fan base willing to buy themed products Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Among those that are certainly popular there are the products related to cosplay, including wigs, clothes and accessories of another nature that can allow everyone to make their own disguises on the characters of the series. This is why in recent times the cosplay on Nezuko and other characters of Demon Slayer are intensifying.

Today we offer you the cosplay by Ambra Pazzani, Italian model and cosplayer. Through his Instagram page, Amber published the photo with the Nezuko cosplay which you can see below. Mirroring her attitude and clothes after transforming into a demon, Nezuko is calm and peaceful but of course the cosplayer has added a touch of sensuality.

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Some other fans instead took advantage of the character in a more bizarre way, such as those who presented a merger between Nezuko and Broly.

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