Demon Slayer: a beautiful Mitsuri Kanroji seems to have come out of the manga with this cosplay video

The manga of Demon Slayer introduced an organization of good characters, the so-called demon hunters, who have the task of definitively destroying the offspring of Kibutsuji Muzan. The group led by the poor Kagaya Ubuyashiki has at the top a group of fighters with exceptional qualities: the pillars, or Hashira.

While fans of the Demon Slayer anime had to settle for a brief presentation of the group, the readers of the recently concluded manga have already been able to admire all the abilities of the pillars. Among these is the beauty Mitsuri Kanroji who has special skills and unmatched body flexibility. We saw her in action in particular during two narrative arcs where she showed off her talents and strength.

Instead of limiting himself to a normal cosplay, wearing a wig and clothes, Yukaran even shared a video cosplay on Mitsuri Kanroji that you can see at the bottom. In the tweet, the girl tries to reproduce one of the manga techniques by performing some gymnast moves to get even more into the role. Obviously there are other repertoire images where he shows us all the qualities of his costume by Mitsuri Kanroji.

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Koyoharu Gotoge's manga will continue to fascinate Japan for a while longer: it has in fact dominated the six-monthly ranking by beating ONE PIECE. But its success is not limited to the country of the Rising Sun, given that in Italy Demon Slayer is among the best-selling books.


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