Demi Lovato has just released her new song at the Grammys 2020: ‘Anyone’

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We know with good hand that the return to the stage of the artists after a break time can be complicated (but tell Selena Gomez). This time it was the turn of Demi lovato, who, after a season away from the spotlights because of his addiction problems, had announced that he would act at the gala Grammys 2020. In the beginning, we thought it would not. It hasn't even gone through the red carpet! However, when we least expected it, he has appeared in a great white dress to carry out his ‘performance’ and, above, Present a new song! Who said you couldn't kill two birds with one stone?

The new topic is called ‘Anyone’ and we are not going to deny that it has taken Demi a bit to tear his performance. Let's see, completely understandable. But, when he has finally done so, he has put our hair on end, which has been reflected in the great applause that the public has given him at the end.

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And is not for less. We have analyzed the lyrics of what will be his new "hit" and is something similar to a letter in which he tells how he has felt throughout this time.

Demi Lovato returns to the stage at the Grammys 2020 and releases her new song ‘Anyone’!

‘I feel stupid when I sing,
No one is listening to me.
I feel stupid when I pray.
Anyway, why do I pray?
If nobody is listening to me …
To anyone, please send me anyone.
Sir, is there no one?
I need someone.'

Thank you Demi for sharing this important moment with us. We love you!

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