Deca-Dence: first look at the post-apocalyptic anime in simulcast on VVVVID

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The name of Yuzuru Tachikawa it should not be unknown to all who have appreciated Death Parade is Mob Psyco 100, two of the most original anime of the last few years that, as can be seen both from our review of Death Parade and from the review of Mob Psycho 100, we can only advise you to recover if you have not already done so.

If you have never heard of Tachikawa, know that the two souls mentioned were directed by this director and that he is available for free to stream on VVVVID the first episode of Deca-Dence, his latest intriguing work that seems to have all the requisites to extend the director's popularity even to those who have not followed his activity before. The soul of the studio NUT in short, it could prove to be one of the best of the current summer season, and what we have seen from the vision of the first episode further confirms our positive feelings in this regard.

Dreams and rubble

The first episode of Deca-Dence begins against the background of some glimpses that suggest the presence of apost apocalyptic setting of a world in ruins. Among the rubble a group of men, followed by the daughter of one of them, find a robot carrying a mysterious device that attracts attention, just before a huge creature, similar to an unguarded wingless bird, force them to flee. The monster, defined by the fugitives with the nickname of Gadoll, however, manages to overturn the racing car with which they thought to sow it, thus making the battle inevitable.

The little girl whose name turns out to be Natsume, following the creature's attack, lies with a amputated arm inside a sort of ambulance with which she is removed from the battlefield, but not before listening to her father's reassurances about her imminent return. Unfortunately, as easily understood by the general tones of these first scenes, the man's promise is destined not to be kept and Natsume to grow up without the parent's affection, maturing, precisely because of the trauma suffered, the intention to follow in the father's footsteps joining the army, so as to end the conflict between men and Gadoll from which the tragic event arose.

But as it turns out in the next scene that, with a time gap of a few years, shows a more adult Natsume during what has all the air of being the last day of his course of study, even the nth enrollment request of the now young woman was rejected probably because of the impairment suffered as a child that forced her to replace the lost limb with a mechanical arm.

Just before a sort of assignment ceremony is carried out, during which each student is informed of the task they will have to carry out during their future life, it is possible to witness a brief contextualization of the world that serves as a backdrop to the events narrated by Deca -Dence, from which it is learned that the mysterious and sudden appearance of the Gadoll has reduced the world population by 90% and forced the survivors to take refuge in a huge mobile fortress called Deca-Dence, whose inhabitants are classified into Tankers and Gears.

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THE Gears are in charge of fight the Gadolls for the general purpose of guaranteeing the survival of mankind, defending the fortress and providing for its energetic livelihood through the greenish fluid collection which flows within creatures, whose flesh also acts as nourishment for men. Ai Tankers instead, all the useful tasks essential to the existence of individuals within the Deca-Dence are assigned.

Natsume as belonging to the latter group, despite the desire to try her hand in battle, is chosen to provide for the fortress cleaning under the supervision of the team leader Kaburagi. During the remaining minutes of the anime, a first definition of the characters of Natsume and Kaburagi is observed, as well as a comparison between the two characters and their opposite visions of life, from which a link seems to gradually form. These more relaxed scenes are followed by the first pyrotechnic battle of the anime, which marks the conclusion of the first episode.

A shining Decadence

Among the qualities that emerge from the vision of the first episode of Deca-Dence there is, at least so far, aexcellent management of storytelling times, whose origin is probably due to the absence of the typical difficulties encountered during the adaptation of a manga or a novel, absent in the event that, as happens for Deca-Dence, an anime is based on a original screenplay. Quite inspired from the stylistic point of view, thesci-fi setting which is the background to the events, although at least in this first episode the design of the Gadolls is slightly anonymous. The technical sector also seems to settle on excellent levels, with animations capable of supporting the choreography of the fights.

As for what we know so far about the plot, the idea of ​​a decimated humanity reduced to a duty fight for its survival against a group of mysterious creatures and forced to barricade herself in a reduced living space, from which observes the outside world with fear and curiosity, is certainly fascinating even if at first sight similar, at least in terms of these general premises, to what is proposed by the plot of The attack of the Giants. Even the devices used for the fight against the Gadolls could vaguely remember the three-dimensional maneuvering devices present in the anime taken from the manga of Hajime Isayama.

Despite these apparent similarities, Deca-Dence exhibits right now less somber tones compared to those that distinguish the Attack of the Giants and generally seems to show aoriginal and recognizable stylistic imprint. Finally, they emphasize how potentially interesting and well balanced is the duo of characters formed by Natsume and Kaburagi, characterized by diametrically opposed characters and visions of life, which we can summarize in the relationship of divergence and complementarity between the dreamy nature of the one and the resignation and cynicism of the other.

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