Deathloop: Microsoft acquires Bethesda, what will become of the game on PS5?

The news of Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda has come like a bolt from the blue over the last hour, leaving gamers with some questions. Among these also those concerning the fate of Deathloop, PlayStation 5 temporal exclusive.

If you are among the users concerned about the recent blow from Microsoft, know that the situation should not undergo particular upheavals and that the title under development at Arkane Studios continues to be expected first on PlayStation 5 and PC and only later on the Xbox family of consoles. In fact, it seems that only the titles whose development is not in an advanced stage will arrive exclusively on Microsoft platforms and it is therefore to exclude twists also for Ghostwire Tokyo.

In any case, the situation could evolve over the next few hours, during which Bethesda and Microsoft will provide more information to the public about the future management of famous IPs such as Fallout, Doom, The Elder Scrolls e Wolfenstein.

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Waiting to find out what will happen to the series so loved by gamers all over the world, we remind you that Deathloop has been postponed to the spring of 2021 and will therefore not be part of the PlayStation 5 launch line up.


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