Dead End Paranormal Park Season 3: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?

Dead End: The second season of the popular Netflix animation show Paranormal Park came out in October. After seeing Season 2, fans are now looking forward to Season 3 of Dead End: Paranormal Park. Will the show be back for a third season? What do the people who made it plan to do? Will Netflix end the show or keep it going after looking at the ratings?

The story of Dead End: Paranormal Park is based on the graphic novel DeadEndia by Hamish Steele. Zachary Barack, Kody Kavitha, and Emily Osment give their voices to the characters. After season 2 of this animated show came out, netizens are interested in whether or not it will be renewed for season 3. Season 2 also has ten short episodes, just like the first. The first season came out in June 2022, and the second season came out in October 2022, so there wasn’t much time between them. If you’ve watched Dead End: Paranormal Park up to the last episode, “The Watcher’s Test,” you’re probably excited to find out what happens next.

Dead End Paranormal Park Season 3  Renewal Status

The creator of Dead End: Paranormal Park, Hamish Steele, said in a statement that Netflix has decided not to make a third season of the show. This means that the show is over after two seasons and 20 episodes. In Steele’s statement, they said that a writer’s room was currently being put together for season 3 and that it was likely going to be the last season to give the characters a proper ending.

“We already have scripts, designs, and rough plans. Planned from the beginning was to give these characters the endings they deserve. But, unfortunately, the people in charge don’t want more, “Steele wrote. On the plus side, the writer did say that they were still working hard on the third and final Dead Endia book, which should give fans some closure.

Dead End Paranormal Park Season 3 Plot

Barney, a transgender teenager, works at a haunted theme park with his friends Norma and Pugsley and the park’s art director, Dommi Fox. There, they fight demons with the help of Dommi Fox. “Two teenagers and a talking pug work together to fight demons at a haunted theme park and maybe stop a supernatural end of the world.”

Based on Hamish Steele’s horror-comedy graphic novel DeadEndia and web-short Dead End, Season 1 of Dead End Paranormal Park introduced fans to Barney Guttman, a transgender teen boy who gets a job as a security guard at Phoenix Parks, and Pugsley, his cute pug. After being owned by a demon king and Norma Khan, he is able to walk, talk, and use magic.

Hamish Steele, who made the game, told Gaming Magazine that “In Season 2, Barney, Norma, Pugsley, and Courtney become the official Demon Clean-Up Crew for Phoenix Park, so their adventures keep going. But when they meet the mysterious Angels, the gang will find out that demons aren’t the only thing hiding behind Dead End’s elevator.” He said there would be ten episodes and that the team would have to “fight old and new enemies,” including “the vengeance of Pauline Phoenix,” and that “not everyone could make it out alive.” Take that as you will.

Dead End Paranormal Park Season 3 Cast

There’s no question that the fans’ favorite characters from the first two seasons will be back. These characters have not only made a name for themselves as unique people, but they have also won the hearts of the audience. Among them are:

  • Zach Barack as Barney Guttman
  • Kody Kavitha as Norma Khan
  • Alex Brightman as Pugsley
  • Emily Osment as Courtney
  • Clinton Leupp as Pauline Phoenix
  • Kenny Tran as Logan “Logs” Nguyen
  • Kathreen Khavari as Badyah “Deathslide” Hassan
  • Michaela Jaé Rodriguez as Zagan
  • Karen Maruyama as Barborah Winslow
  • Patrick Stump as Josh
  • Tucker Chandler as Patrick Guttman
  • Kaitlyn Robrock as Roxanne Guttman
  • Natasha Chandel as Swati Khan
  • Cee Nelson as Vince
  • Angelica Ross as Margie
  • Samantha Jayne as Marly
  • Bill Farmer as Chester Phoenix
  • Z Infante as Jules
  • Kemah Bob as Henrietta
  • Jamie Demetriou as Fingers
  • Taylor Gibson as Asmodeus
  • Haley Joel Osment as Danny
  • Piotr Michael as Pael

Where can I watch Dead End Paranormal Park?

You can only watch Dead End Paranormal Park on Netflix. People who want to watch the show must buy a subscription.

Dead End Paranormal Park Season 3 Release Date

The first season started on June 16, 2022, and all 10 chapters came out on the same day. Each episode ran for between 26 and 31 minutes. The second season, which you can stream right now, is the same. Dead End: Season 3 of Paranormal Park has been canceled, which means there is no date for when it will come out.


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