Dead Cells celebrates three million copies sold with the new Update of Plenty

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The developers of Motion Twin and Evil Empire have announced that Dead Cells has exceeded three million total sales. The new "Update of Plenty"with lots of little new updates.

The 19th update for Dead Cells it is available today for all PC players and will also arrive on consoles later. Update of Plenty introduces a number of changes including radical changes to objects and weapons, many of which have been completely reworked, nerfed or enhanced.

Among the most significant examples, the update will introduce changes to the crossbows which will become two-handed weapons. The new backpack will offer the possibility of holding one weapon and another two-handed without necessarily paying for the switch from one build to another. Even the traders have undergone a complete restyling with lots of updated prices on many items. The stores will then be divided according to a specific color rather than the type of items sold.

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You can find the complete patch note of the new update at this link. Before leaving, we remind you that you can find the review of Dead Cells on the pages of Everyeye.

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