DC Future State: Has Shazam become a brutal killer?

The event Future State targato DC Comics is surprising fans with each new release, but the pages of the series dedicated to Shazam! they literally shocked the character, who turned into the anti-hero par excellence. Let’s find out what happened to him!

The second volume of Future State: Shazam !, a two-issue mini-series by Tim Sheridan, brings dark consequences and fascinating throughout the DC Comics universe. After being forced to part ways with his alter-ego Billy Batson, the hero was charged with multiple murder.

Imprisoned by the Justice League of America for murdering Johnny Thunder, The Creeper and others, Shazam! seems to have gone mad following a pact with Neron, who asked the young Billy Batson to stay in Hell as his guardian.

By tapping into the psyche of Shazam !, Specter was able to uncover the truth about what really happened to him. However, before he can tell the truth to his fellow JLA comrades, Shazam! stabs him in the abdomen, killing him with a fragment of the Spear of Destiny.

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Shazam! officially transformed into a dangerous killer, will the other heroes be able to bring him back to normal? Waiting for answers, here is Shazam’s big change in DC Future State. Here are Harley Quinn’s incredible skills in DC Future State.


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