DC Comics returns to the past with the announcement of Batman ’89 and Superman ’78

Richard Donner’s Superman and Tim Burton’s Batman are about to take a leap into the world of comics. DC Comics has in fact announced the imminent arrival of Batman 1989 and Superman 1978, series that will pick up where the two iconic films left off.

At the helm of Superman ’78 will be Rob Venditti and Wilfredo Torres, while Batman ’89 will be led by Sam Hamm and Joe Quinos. Each series will boast six chapters, the first of which will be released digitally on July 27. All twelve chapters will also arrive in printed format between August and September.

The official description of Batman ’89 reads: “Continuing the adventures of the Dark Knight from Tim Burton’s film, Batman ’89 will pull on a string of strings left dangling by the prolific director. In the new Batman ’89, Hamm and Quinos will usher in the return of Selina Kyle and debut a new Robin“.

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Regarding Superman ’78instead, the description reads: “And in the wake of DC’s plans for Batman ’89, Superman ’78 will tell new stories set in the world of Superman: The Movie. In this series, inspired by the classic and timeless style of Donner’s superhero, Lois Lane still doesn’t know that Clark Kent is secretly Superman“.

Additionally, DC Comics has announced a new wave of Milestone titles. Pending these two arrivals, the publishing house is still busy with its series of the year. DC Future State showed Harley Quinn’s incredible skills.


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