DC Comics: Future State announced, an event focused on upcoming releases

The latest events of the DC Comics comics surprised the many fans of the stories of the characters that appeared in the works of the American publishing house. In the meantime it has been announced that a new event will reveal the upcoming storylines of their comics.

Is titled “Future State“and will start at January 2021, for two months in fact the current stories of DC superheroes will be suspended, while the next appointments for all comic book fans will be indicated. Here is a description of the event shared by executives of the publishing house: “DC is kicking off 2021 in a big way, giving fans a sneak peek of the future, near or far, and upcoming characters. The Future State has been announced, a two-month event that will begin in January. In February, the complete line up will consist of monthly anthological volumes, along with mini-series and self-contained issues“.

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He then continues: “DC Future State will show us the strongest superheroes in the world in new and never-before-seen roles, plus there will be other characters who will take on their identities. DC Future State features some of the comics industry’s top talent, bringing together award-winning writers and designers along with new voices coming straight from the world of TV, film and animation. In March 2021, the line up of our titles will return to normal, continuing the stories of 2020 and introducing new ones“.

Finally we leave you with the latest events of Suicide Squad, a group of DC Comics.


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