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 DC Comics Compilation: Delays in Shazam and WW, advance of the timeline and close Vertigo

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DC Comics Compilation: Delays in Shazam and WW

As happened to Marvel, a very quiet week in the waters of DC, where we must highlight the first look at the famous timeline they are planning at the offices of Dan Didio. In addition, we have a couple of delays to comment and the final farewell of Vertigo. We start!

Advance of the DC timeline

The recent New York Comic Con of a few weeks ago revealed to us the plans of the publishing house to create a general timeline for all the events of the DC Universe, which also gave rise to thinking that a new “restart” titled 5G is brewing. DC co-editors, Dan DiDio and Jim Lee, talked about the development of this line that would be divided into several important eras.

Now, DC Nation tweeted a few days ago what appears to be part of this timeline, centered on the first generation, which serves as the foundation of the DC Universe. We see that they refer to the ages with the letter "G", therefore those rumors of the restart have more and more strength.

Vertigo closes ahead of schedule

If they told us that Vertigo was going to disappear, we could hardly even say goodbye. The comics of the so-called Sandman Universe, which were published under its label, have happened this month to be published under the Black Label line without prior notice, making Books of Magic # 13 the last comic that has had the seal.

However, this seems to have no real consequences, as the editor of the series has said on Twitter that for them it is merely a name change.

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Delays for Wonder Woman # 83 and Shazam # 9

We must also report a small delay of three weeks of the number 83 of the Wonder Woman collection, which now goes on to launch on December 18 in the United States, without explanations by the publisher.

The one who needs explanations is Shazam # 9, which has already accumulated 17 weeks of delay since its original departure for August of this year, and is now placed at the doors of 2020 with an exit for December 18. Its number 10 is scheduled for January 2o20, although it could also be dragged.

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