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Dayanara Torres and her message after overcoming skin cancer

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In February 2019, Dayanara Torres tearfully revealed that she had been diagnosed with skin cancer, of the melanoma type. "I am a warrior, as mothers we always take care of everyone around us, our children, family, friends and often, we forget to take care of ourselves."

Today I have some sad news, I was diagnosed with skin cancer melanoma of a large mole, mole that I never paid attention to, although it was new, it had been growing for years and had an irregular surface.

"I have put everything in the hands of God and I know that he is in complete control. My children, although they are a little scared, they know about my faith and they know that they have a mother's warrior," said the former beauty queen at the time. Puerto Rican and who was the first wife of singer Marc Anthony.

Today all those tears became happiness in the life of Dayanara Torres, who has emerged victorious from her fight against skin cancer. In a recent post on his Instagram feed he shared the following message:

I feel so blessed and happy! They did the tests yesterday (MRIs, CT scans, and CT scans) and they were all negative!

"From now on I will need to do the same 3 radiation studies every 3 months for the next 2 years; thankful to God whom I have always prayed with so much faith and have listened to my heart's pleas. Thank you to all who have always prayed for me, they did not release me and they made me part of their family and their prayers. Thank you for your beautiful messages full of encouragement and love. To my mother who took me by the hand every step of the way, my family and my friends, who always They cared for me and watched me, or even accompanied me on this difficult journey and sent me beautiful messages to keep me strong and let me know that I was not alone. "

"This battle is almost over, 2 years will pass very quickly and I will come out of this stronger than ever!" Highlighted the beautiful Dayanara Torres.

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