David Lynch, Fire (Prozar) is finally online: all the secrets of the animated short

The highly anticipated animated short film written, directed, and animated by David Lynch is finally online: after the announcement and the fervent expectation of Fire (Pozar), the project of the master of cinema is finally viewable for free to the general public. Continue after the jump to sculpt it with us!

With a simple click in the player at the top you can admire Fire (Pozar) in all its 10 and enigmatic minutes… After all it could not have been otherwise having been born from the mind of the creator of Twin Peaks.

In addition to Lynch ‘s, the short also bears the signature of Marek Zebrowski, composer of Polish and American origins who dealt with the musical sphere of the project: the two had already worked together on the album Polish Night Music, distributed in 2007 and which you will find below.

In 2015 Lynch had already talked about Fire (Polar) and described the creative process of the unlikely duo thus: “The key point of this experiment was that I didn’t say anything to Marek about what I wanted to accomplish and he should have somehow interpreted the images I had animated. It was a really successful experiment and I really love the compositions he created for the string quartet, Penderecki “.

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“I think it’s a very melancholy and in a certain sense poetic film”, Zebrowski had declared on that occasion, “Without being too explicit, I tried to give voice to what David meant. For example, in a scene there is something that looks like a hail storm and I used the “pizzicato” technique a lot, but also a melodic background to make sure there was also the lyric component. “

On the DAVID LYNCH THEATER YouTube channel you will also find other videos made by the director, including the extravagant weather forecasts made by David Lynch himself.


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