David Beckham's favorite series is 'The Crown'

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Many times the style of David Beckham with that of the protagonists of the series of Netflix 'Peaky Blinders'. In the end, we all take inspiration from what we like … even the most famous on the planet do. However, thanks to a video that the player has shared on his profile Instagram, specifically in their stories, we have discovered that Beckham is hooked on another Netflix series that is not that of these street gangsters, but 'The Crown', the series about the British royal family that is triumphing in all the awards ceremonies this year in which it has some nomination.

During the trip back home he made after attending the parade of Dior Homme in Paris with his wife Victoria Beckham, David took the opportunity to catch up with the series of Netflix which premiered the third season on November 17 and already has a fourth batch of episodes underway. Not even his wife looking to take the perfect selfie was necessary for the player to completely remove his eyes from the computer screen, even though he affirms that it is complicated to be content watching him move to find an ideal angle for his photo.

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David Beckham

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"Not sure what concentrate on The crown or my wife trying to get the perfect selfie "(" I'm not sure if I focus on The Crown or my wife trying to make the perfect selfie "), the actor wrote in the video, loaded with funny gifs about his wife's homework. We don't know if David Beckham he finished watching the chapter, but he should end the season because he is going to join the fourth … And seen the panorama that has the British Royal House with Harry and Meghan (friends, by the way, marriage), is not surprising that Netflix It doesn't take long to release the new chapters.

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