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Daughter of Inés Gómez Mont overcomes Nina Rubín in song

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Who left everyone with his mouth open for his way of singing was Inésita, the youngest daughter of Inés Gómez Mont, who soon became a great artist, because she sang spectacularly in a video that her mother herself uploaded on social networks.

According to the host, the child is already beginning to vocalize, because she wants to make herself known in the entertainment world just like her mother, as if that were not enough, the minor overshadowed the same Mía Rubín daughter of Andrea Legarreta who has just launched as a singer.

"My princess Ella alone begins to vocalize because she says that one day she wants to have a great voice. Already her Chinese aunt @anagabrieloficial promised to teach her. I love your perseverance my girl, and your delivery to everything, I am sure that everything you propose in life, you will achieve it … says part of Mont's text.

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Immediately the fans of the presenter did not stay with their arms crossed and congratulated the girl, who already has more than 97 thousand reproductions, in addition to all kinds of comments.

"With the teacher who is going to have what else she can ask for," "Spectacular has an incredible voice and beauty that God continues to give her blessings," "There is talent, we just need to support him, the commercial Jajajaja would say," they wrote to Inesita.

It is worth mentioning that Mont has been away from the show for a few months because they had a tumor of his head removed, an operation that was a success.


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